We have ensured that every classroom is fitted with multimedia computers. Each classroom is fitted with an interactive whiteboard / smart board, which is connected to an overhead projector and the classroom computer. These boards are used along with educational software to help make teaching and learning an effective, interactive, and fun process.

Hands on Activities

Reading and writing have always been an effective ways for students to learn. It’s basically been the main way students have been taught since the beginning of time. Studies show that students learn best when learning is active when they are engaged in hands-on classroom games and activities, and involved in what they are learning. Whether you’re learning about math or science history language arts, hands-on classroom games and activities can be added and adapted to any curriculum

Digital Assisted Activities

Every topic is associated with a digital assisted activity wherein children are provided with a digital smart device to carry on the activity under the teacher’s supervision. The purpose of the activity is to enhance logical thinking and ensure that the children learn to apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom. Further, the activities kit is even sent home to continue the learning under the parent’s supervision. Thus the purpose LEARN -EXPLORE- EXCEL is achieved.