Modern research has proved that good quality infrastructure in a school environment can greatly influence the overall well-being and academic output of a child. Keeping that in mind, EISB offers a perfect mix of good infrastructure Spacious classrooms, providing ample opportunities for creative expressions, are set amidst a bright and cheerful ambiance and are equipped with economic and safe furniture of international standards.

The Primary school facilities have a bright and happy ambiance, creative surfaces on the walls, festive ceiling, ergonomic and safe furniture of international standards and a superior learning environment.

Facilities - Academics



We have ensured that every classroom is fitted with multimedia computers. Each classroom is fitted with an interactive white board/ smart board, which is connected to an overhead projector and the classroom computer. These boards are used along with educational and learning an effectual, interactive and fun process. 



Our well-stocked library with a diverse range of books allow students to travel across time into different worlds. We have educational and recreational books as well as other multimedia resources for both the students and staff to access. The spacious, airy library has been designed to foster an interest in books and is intended to offer every child the opportunity to explore and develop his or her individual interests. The library uses an integrated management system that ensures efficient day-to-day running, circulation and inventory management.



We have our efficient and well-organized in-house transport system. All members of our staff receive extensive routine training in driving, housekeeping and first aid. Efficiently mapped-out bus routes ensure that children spend the least amount of time travelling to and from school. Every bus route is undertaken as per the guidelines and norms of The Supreme Court of India and Regional Transport Office – Karnataka Transportation. All the buses are equipped with fire extinguishers & first aid medical kit. We provide the transportation with GPS facility and RF ID cards.



Physical health, Mental Health are the basic components for the overall development of the child, so the most attractive, well planned Kids park is crested to refresh Kindergarten students. Their mind and soul filled with joy, when they play in kids park. This kids park is paving the way to attain physical stamina of every child, in addition to that they get enthusiasm to do their academic excellence. Kids park is formed on colorful, gorgeous, soft carpet, multi ladders such as rolling ladders are attracted the kids to get in side the train sliding, spring toys swings, see-saw, number boxes are the other play things erected. The kids are much excited to visit the kids park frequently. The cutest, kids of Elixir enjoy their time joyfully over there.




Art is one of the many ways children express themselves. Art is a way for children to communicate their feelings. It is through art that children develop their fine motor skills. In the Montessori environment, we provide open-ended art activities that help children explore and use their creativity. When it comes to art, it is the process not the product that is important to the child. As adults, our goal is to produce a product. The child interacts with the world differently. The child works to develop self. The focus is on the process not the product. Once a child creates something, he does not feel the need to keep the product. It is the process that gives him satisfaction and inner joy. Creatively speaking, there is no set curriculum for art in the Montessori method. Most of the artistic activities are done through arts integration; combining art with subjects of study in order to learn the material. The only materials provided for artistic use are geometric insets, which children are allowed to trace and color in.



Each school has a computer center that helps to develop a deeper understanding of technology and its working in every child. We have computers with the latest hardware and software, thus providing our students the infrastructure to test and enhance their computer skills. A determined effort is made to provide an innovative, compassionate and dignified environment, transforming each student into righteous human beings, proud Indians and highly successful global citizens. From kindergarten on wards, students are motivated to appreciate and value the unique qualities of their schoolmates, teachers, families and communities at large. Subjects are thoughtfully graded and diligently integrated so as to better reinforce the associations between the lessons learned. Classroom material is customized to the developmental needs of children of all age groups. Children are equipped with various tools to be able to master tough academic challenges including languages, math, social studies, literature and science. Moreover, our worldwide focus gears students to tackle bigger challenges beyond the curriculum.


At the very beginning of the academic year, the school physician reviews the health of the child and gives a feedback to the parents. Vision, hearing, overall physical health report will also include a recommended diet and medical suggestions for further improvement. The health checkup is done once in every term and the child’s physical development is also tracked and monitored. Our school has one dedicated room to take care of the medical needs of our students. The room is equipped with basic medical facilities. A qualified resident nurse is on call. The school counselor also conducts appropriate psychological tests at the beginning of the academic year to understand the child’s counseling needs.