ADMISSIONS OPEN For Academic Session 2024-2025 with the availability of limited seats for all grades.

Note: Admissions for Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, and Grade 6 are closed.

Notice Board



All classrooms are well-aerated and ventilated. The elevation of the building is kept vibrant & bright to attract, good-looking, and warm welcoming for all our kids. EISB follows all safety measures defined by various agencies. Fire systems are installed at all key points. A fire drill is carried out for our wards.

Skill Set

Students perform co-curricular activities in schools, which help them to sharpen their communication skills, expression skills, public speaking, and sense of belonging through different activities. Extra activities are an essential part of school life and help in enhancing the learning process of students at school. Students activities are meant to bring social skills, intellectual skills, moral values, personality progress, and character appeal to students.

Strong Foundation

Very well planned Textbooks and Workbooks which are relevant for the student so that the child uses the concept accordingly when and where to apply during their day-to-day activities. Week wise concepts are shared with the parents by the respective teacher. Hands-on activities are taught by the teacher prior to the lesson.


One to one Classroom Design

Teaching Aids, Lesson Plans & Training, Detailed reports & Portfolios, Textbooks & Workbooks, Individualized Workshops & Assessments. Delivery of the lesson and concepts of teaching using digitally enabled process, smartboard/conventional board. Various digital activities are taken up by students by using Tabs or PC in the classroom.

Learning Loop

Learning is a continuous process With immense experience as educators, we have designed the Learning Loop to ensure the continuous learning process effectively. The process doesn’t just focus on Teaching but also considers Re-planning at every essential stage. 

Safety and Security 

Safety at school allows children to look forward to being in an encouraging environment, promoting social and creative learning. If by any chance, their safety is not met, children are at constant risk and may stop showing up. Promoting school safety creates an open space for kids to learn and explore many new things. We here @ Elixir rely on the safety of children with different measures encouraging them to be forward in all aspects.

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